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What are the basic requirements of a cougar woman while dating a young cub?

There are many advice and tips available in web for cougar dating. Dating an older woman is a fun and full of excitement. However, many young cubs believe that only sex is the basic requirement for older woman when they date a young cub but that’s correct. However, sex is mandatory too but along with the sex, there are other important things too that every cougar woman want in any cub to whom they are going out for a date.

Most men don’t know these other things that are mandatory too in cougar dating along with sex. Here are the other basic requirement listed in this article that every cougar woman looking in younger cub.

Honesty – it is said that in cougar dating, commitment isn’t required and there’s no need for any commitment and cougar dating is strictly based on the rules of casual dating. But in casual dating too, you must be honest to whom you are dating with. Older woman do want an honest young cub to date if you are an honest dating partner, it means that you are trusty worthy and your dating partner will trust you completely. If you are honest and your dating partner have trust on you, it means the bond between you too become stronger and if you are able to impress her in bed, than the relationship between you too will go long and you can really enjoy your cougar date to its full. 

Don’t have any issue with the age – when we talk about cougar dating, it’s quite obvious that you are looking for an older woman to date and fulfill your sexual fantasies and desires. But when you actually start dating an older woman, it’s quite mandatory to stop asking questions about her age or any question related to her age. Cougar woman want from their young cub that he will neglect any questions related to age and never mark any comment or complement that raise questions about their age. 

Cougar woman never want that there dating partner will compare them from any other person. For example, if you say to your cougar partner, wow, that’s the same what my mom did or say to me. When you start comparing your cougar partner to your mom, this will leads to end the conversation between you too and soon the relationship between you too will come to an end. So, it’s quite better to avoid any comment or complement when it comes about her age or never compare her to anyone.

Give credit to her what she achieves in her life – cougar woman really want some appreciation from their dating partner and therefore, they share their experience and achievement to young cubs. 

Good sense of humor – Cougar woman always attracts to those cubs that have a good sense of humor and smile in face. If you have that quality in you and looking for cougar woman, make full use them.

These are other basic things that every cougar woman looking in every young cub.

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